| Business Law
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Business Law

Our Business Services Include

  • Contract Drafting & Review

  • Business Formations& Consulting

  • Employment Issues

Our attorneys represent a diverse group of small businesses ranging from doctors and dentists to commercial real estate developers. We understand the complex needs of businesses of all sizes, and we craft our legal response to your specific needs. Your business is unique and so is the legal situation your business is facing. The types of business law issues we handle include:


You are a professional who runs a business. You want to focus on what you do best: building revenue. However, as you build your business, there are legal matters that simply cannot be avoided. The attorneys at the Law Office of Mike Beede have extensive experience making businesses run more efficiently. We are also business owners, so we understand your needs and your desire to get back to work. If your business has a legal need, you can trust that our attorneys will give it the personalized time and attention that it deserves. So whether you are just getting your business off the ground, or you are an established entity with ongoing needs, contact our office today to get the results you need.